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Autumn – through the lens of a smartphone. | Charleston, IL
Image by StormLoverSwin93 | Into the Storm
Well, it’s been a little while since I’ve done much with an actual camera. Between school, laziness on weekends, and some unfortunate events regarding the health of my relatives, I just haven’t got around lately.

However, this afternoon things changed drastically! 😀

I went to Woodyard Conservation, which is just south of Charleston along Route 130 in Coles County, Illinois. I was here for a couple hours performing some surveying/ravine studies for a field methods class I am currently enrolled in. One thing lead to another pretty much upon getting out in these woods…I am glad I brought my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy SIII/S3) with me, or else I wouldn’t have been able to capture the essence of nature.

The obstacles I faced to get this shot were quite hilarious and tremendous all at once though lol. I slipped, fell, and busted my a** I don’t know how many times.
What can I say…I am the queen of klutzery 😛

The process of getting this photo was simple. I walked (attemped to anyways) down a north-facing ravine to the bottom for which our group was measuring and placing colored tape to mark our cross sections; whilst, I grabbed my phone and captured a panorama of what I saw before me. Afterwards, when I got home I cleaned this up in photoshop CS5 a tad bit to make it more realistic and colorful, the way it was.


– 10/21/2014 –

Cupcakes and Smartphones
Image by sea turtle
Cupcake Royale, Capitol Hill, Seattle.

All about smartphones
Image by Denis Dervisevic

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