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Microsoft's new iPhone app thinks my annoying cat is 70 percent dog
My girlfriend has a cat that's really irritating me at the moment. It regularly wakes me up at 3AM with its annoying voice, meowing (howling) at the top of its lungs. I honestly think it might be a dog in disguise. Thankfully, Microsoft has just …
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iPhone 6s Plus vs Nexus 6P: Apple and Google's flagship showdown
Reports suggest that Android and iOS handsets account for 98% of the smartphone market, so it's likely your next phone will use one of the two. The latest and greatest iOS handset is obviously the iPhone 6s Plus, while the Nexus 6P represents Google's …
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iPhone 6s, Sony Xperia Z3+, DSLRs, Drones, Speakers, and More Tech Deals
Last week, we saw the price of the iPhone 6s 128GB (rose gold) drop down to the Rs. 60,000 (effective) price point. This week the silver variant is further down to Rs. 57,495 (effective). That's the lowest price tag we've seen on the 128GB variant of …
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