How to use your iPhone and iCloud online photo storage

Tree. iPhone 3GS / Hipstamatic /SwankoLab
Image by Kimb0lene
Taken with iPhone 3GS using Hipstamatic. Processed with SwankoLab.
The original Hipstamatic version is here:

SwankoLab combination: Noir Fixer, Grizzle Fix, Fantabra Magic Warm, Vinny’s BL04
Combination found here:

How to use your iPhone and iCloud online photo storage
With iCloud Photo Library turned on, any shot you snap on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or import into the Photos app on a Mac, is instantly stored online in your iCloud account – in its full, original quality – and then automatically added to the …
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Microsoft Corporation Just Bought Another Popular iPhone App
The Verge labeled it the best keyboard for the iPhone last year, and the second-best keyboard for Android devices. Microsoft's own mobile keyboard has garnered a similar reception, but remains restricted to its embattled mobile platform, Windows Phone.
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What's the true formatted storage capacity of an iPhone, iPad or iPod?
"When you view the storage capacity of your iPod, iPhone, iPad, or other electronic devices within its operating system, the capacity is reported using the the binary system (base 2) of measurement. In binary, 1 GB is calculated as 1,073,741,824 bytes.".
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iPhone 7 could get super fast modem letting you download a HD movie in seconds
The next iPhone could let you download movies in seconds over a wireless LTE connection, if Apple chooses to put Qualcomm's new modem in the iPhone 7. The company – who has provided the modem for the iPhone for a number of years – has announced …

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