A few nice iPhone images I found:

Image by Alberto-Varela
All these pics have been taken by using an Apple Iphone:

Iphone software:

– Camera Bag
– Photo Lab
– Photogene
– Color Splash
– More Lomo
– Swanko Lab
– PS Mobile (free)
– True HDR
– Tilt Shift
– Pano

Uploading Apps:

– Flickr (free)
– Flickit (free)

iPhone photo of light trails in the sky – 20121003-20121004
Image by MomentsForZen
Ultra-long exposure stacked iPhone photograph of the night sky above Thredbo. The brightest light trail in the sky was from the Moon. The short segment just below the centre of the image is a lens flare artifact from the the bright Moon! The light trail below the Moon trail is from Jupiter. Fainter light trails immediately above the Moon trail and also towards the top of the image are from various stars (Aldebaran, Betelgeuse and Procyon). There are also a series of widely-spaced light spots that are probably from the navigation lights on an aircraft.

The planets orbit the Sun in roughly the same plane as the Earth, and hence, roughly define the ecliptic plane. It is evident here that the orbit of the Moon is at a small angle to the ecliptic plane, so its trace on a long exposure such as this will be at a small angle to that of the planets (e.g., Jupiter) and stars (e.g., Aldebaran).


The various features are labelled with notes – to view these, position the cursor over the image and select the desired note to reveal the label.

The images were taken from the balcony of Apartment # 705 at the Thredbo Alpine Apartments, looking north from the Thredbo valley. The skyline had an elevation of approximately 10 degrees from this position. The exposure of the main image commenced around 21:45 on 20121003 and concluded at approximately 05:05 on 20121004 (i.e., approximately 7 hour exposure length). This result was processed with a "dark" light image (to correct for the camera self-response) and an image acquired over a 30-second exposure just after sunrise (to add more detail and better lighting to the combined result).

Thredbo, New South Wales, Australia.

iPhone 4 – Series of photographs taken with the camera on an iPhone 4.
Slow Shutter Cam – SSC – Four 60 second "dark" light images were acquired to define the camera self-response. In addition, two long exposure photographs were taken over an 7 hour period to produce the final output.
Superimpose – Combined the 4 “dark” light images in 2 pairs using Normal blend mode and a 50:50 mixture. Then combined the 2 blended images using the same settings to produce a “Master Dark Image”. Blended the Master Dark Image with the long exposure image using Difference mode. Blended the working image with a photograph taken taken just after sunrise using Lighten Only mode.
TouchRetouch – Removed a number of small bright noise artifacts from the sky region as well as the view of the balcony roof that just crept into the very top right corner of the image.
PaintShop Pro X5 – Topaz DeNoise filter applied using the JPG Strongest and DeBanding option with the default settings.

(Filed as 20121006_iPad3 012 SSC-Superimpose-TouchRetouch-PaintShopPro-TopazDeNoise-JSDB.JPG)

iPhone vs. iPhone 3G
Image by Ricky Romero
Yes, the iPhone 3G’s screen is slightly warmer, but the change doesn’t really bug me, and I’m normally quite picky about that sort of thing.

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