4 new smartphone features that debuted in 2015

4 new smartphone features that debuted in 2015
With 2015 now gone, we can look back and say that it was quite an interesting year when it comes to smartphones. High-end models have become more diverse than ever (at least since touchscreens took over), while mid-range and low-end handsets have …
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Smartphones Are Getting Outsmarted, and Apps Will Be the Next to Fall
01_15_ManeySmartphones_01 An Apple iPhone 5s with a broken screen. Smartphones have gone from novel to nearing obsolescence in only a few short years of existence; the apps that drive them may soon fade from importance as well. Steve Meddle/Rex.
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OLG to introduce smartphone, tablet gambling app
Now, the corporation is set to launch a new product that will allow people to gamble from their smartphones or tablets. The app will give people access to some of the biggest games from the online version, such as poker, blackjack and online slots. The …
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